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Our webshop is a service to customers who cannot buy our cards in local shops.
You can choose from our full collection of Amazing Cards. No Minimum Quantity.

Amazing Cards 3,95 Euro
Amazing INSERT Viewer 3,95 Euro
INSERT Stereo-Cards 1,50 Euro
Stereo-Box Van Gogh 12,50 Euro
Gift-Pack Escher 15,00 Euro

Puzzle Fun Cards 1,60 Euro

These prices include envelopes and 21% VAT but do not include cost of transport.

To go to the webpage with Amazing Cards, click HERE.

How to order
Just make your choice from our collection and email us the cards you want to order: info@amazingcard.nl
Next we will email you our invoice for the complete cost including transport.
For shipping, please give us the right address including Postal Code.
You can pay us by bank transfer or PayPal.

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