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3D Event Photography

3D-Stereo Event Photography
the second best marketing tool !

What is it?

This is the most effective marketing tool you have ever seen!
During a business fair or any other event, a special photo team shoots 3D stereo photographs of your visitors and presents them, within 30 seconds in an Amazing INSERT Viewer.
Everyone will be amazed and will never throw this memento away.
Furthermore: during the event they will walk around looking into their 3D viewer and show it to other people. It will bring a lot of visitors to your stand. Now this is marketing you can only dream of!
What does it do?

The Amazing Human in 3D Experience allows you to quickly and easily take live 3D photographs of your prospects or customers. Now you can offer them a unique souvenir of their visit: an amazing 3D photograph of themselves taken on the spot and background of your choice. Ready to take away within 30 seconds!

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Just an impression during events....
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